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Tauranga Half Ironman

2km - Swim 0:42:30
90km - Bike 2:39:13
21km - Run (Walked last 10km) 2:16:10
Total 5:41:41
Well Lardman was more prepared for this race, nutrition plan refined following Rotorua and Christmas training had gone well.  However a major set-back....  the day before the event, during a warm-up session, Lardman pulled a calf muscle...  Walter (coach) was on hand to try and repair the damage with some magic cream and "gentle" touch.  Following another session with the beach massage ladies and loads ice, the calf was better, but not quite right...
Lardman decided that it was however repaired enough to take part (couldn't let the supporters down).  The swim was in very choppy seas, so Lardman went for a outside (but longer) route to keep away from the traffic and escaped the swim quite refreshed and ready for the bike.  It was a very windy day, so it was run with the wind and grind into it and thanks to a good nutrition plan a fast bike leg was achieved and lardman got off the bike quite refreshed and full of energy.
Lardman's leg however was tight, so a gentle run was required to preserve the leg.  All was going to plan, Lardman completed the first lap of the run in 4hrs 20min, which put him on schedule for a 5hr 15/20min total (which is just what he needed to be on target for Taupo).  1km into the final run lap however and the calf muscle gave up....  disaster.... so Lardman dug in and walked the final 10km, but still managed to record a personal best time.

Thanks to Janette, Jane and the team for putting on a great event (would have preferred if they switched that huge wind machine off though).  Great location, fast course, not sure about the close proximity to Christmas though....

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