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The Story so Far

The last time "Lardman" ran a marathon was in 1982 and he managed to complete it in 4hrs 15mins, however due to a prolonged stay in Spain for the soccer world cup months beforehand he was not ideally prepared, thus suffered afterwards, so much so that he vowed never to run a marathon again unless it was part of an Ironman.
After turning 40 at the end of 2005, the usual mid-life crisis came along.  The forgotten promise, being overweight and having done no serious exercise, with the exception of social rugby for many years meant that it was time to get in shape.  Best get thru Christmas though and drink all that booze that was left over from the 40th party beforehand...
Inspired by Run to Heal and the Kelloggs Duathlon series, which "Lardman" helped run including; being responsible for collating all the success stories that such great events generate, the guilt of being over weight and un-fit prompted immediate action.
February 1st 2006 was the day "Lardman" purchased a 13 month gym membership and you should have seen the look on the receptionists face when he explained that the sole reason for joining was to train for the Taupo Ironman 2007.  "Just another Xmas Lardman, wanting to lose a few pounds, feeling guilty after gross over indulgence during the summer break.  "We'll give him a few weeks, but hey we've got his money for the next 13 months" they must have thought.
So a low fat, low cholesterol diet, no alcohol and plenty of exercise was prescribed, but can "Lardman" make it, there are going to be many challenges ahead, many business trips, many business lunches and plenty of social events that will challenge him.  It is going to be possible for a 40 year father of 3, to work, play and train and fulfill the dream?
Well the simple answer was "YES!", did "Lardman" beat Gordon Haller's time (11 hours, 46 minutes and 58 seconds)? "NO!"  "Lardman" suffered quite badly in the run leg due to lack of serious run training leading up to the event following a calf injury sustained before the Taurangua Half Ironman.  Will "Lardman" dig deep and find the strength, time and dedication to meet the challenge one more time?  The answer's quite easy...  "Lardman" was lucky enough to win a wildcard ironman lottery slot alongside 150 USA and 50 Worldwide atheletes to Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in October 2007 to give it another chance, but heat and hard winds put this these plans back, so was off to Perth in December to give it another go, but a hip injury saw Lardman walk 36km of the marathon, after getting personal best times in both the swim and the bike, so it is possible, just need a few factors such as an injury free day.
"If at first you don't succeed - try, try again!" - Robert the Bruce, although WC Fields adaptation of this famous quote is playing on Lardmans mind "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it."
When asked after the Taupo Ironman "where to from here?"...  "Lardman" replied "Maybe a professional poker player... takes just as much time and dedication... wastes just as much of your hard earned money, but at least you get to sit down and drink whilst doing it..."  A week later "Lardman" was back swimming, cycling and running, planning his next event...
"The only difference between a hill and mountain is something called attitude (along with courage and determination)" - Dick Hoyt ( )

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