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Rotorua Half Ironman

2km - Swim 0:35:22
90km - Bike &Transitions (did bike in less than 3hrs!) 3:06:22
21km - Run 2:08:17
Total 5:50:01
What an introduction to triathlon!  The toughest half ironman course in New Zealand where pain and suffering are all part of the fun!  Beautiful location in Rotorua, where if you had the time to look, the scenery was stunning.
Lardman planned the event with his coach, they had a pre-race plan, especially nutrition, but who could have planned 160psi tyres and a slight dent in the road that popped lardmans 2 main nutrition bottles out the back of the bike at 10km?  What plan B!!!
Was a great training run though, lardman certainly discovered all about fights in the swim and how hard the bike can be, as lardman struggled out of the water, legs turned to jelly after getting off the bike and then digging in to complete the run?  It was worth the experience of shaving his legs, just so he could truly classify himself as a tri-athlete.

Thanks to Shane Hooks and the team for putting on a great event and welcoming lardman to the sport.  They say normally you take a half-ironman time, double it and add an hour and that's your full ironman time, but word on the street is that with this hard course, just double your time for Taupo full ironman time, so "Lardman" is on target....

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