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PO Box 56098
Dominion Road
Mount Eden
Auckland 1446
New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 369537
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Here's a sample of some of the TXT messages already received..
  • Congratulations jose aka lardman from the asics team! C u at the awards party
  • Congrats on yesterday! U must b stoked - saw yr time on website - well done!
  • congrats!gr8 stuf.
  • Enjoy the day 2day 2moro. We look 4ward 2 bringing u home!
  • Good luck lard man. See you at the finish. You are a ironman !
  • Have organised pie shop at Reparoa turn. Visit only once and good luck will befall you. Visit the pie shop twice and it will be a long long day...
  • Good luck tomorrow, we're all thinking of you and look forward to a celebratory drink.
  • all the best for tom. We'll look out 4U on course.
  • all the best 4 saturday. Give it heaps & good luck!
  • Hi lardman, Good luck for Saturday You will be so stoked to do this event Go lardman Go
  • congrats on having the strenght in mind and body to train, let alone do a IMAN. Beleive me you will, andreia young, france
  • Hiya Lardman, I was 104kg doing the ironman in 1999. Go get em champ.  Deano
  • Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
  • Great to see you doing so well, good luck mate.
  • Hope the training going well and Sally and kids having good time.
  • Good luck! Go well.
  • Wish u all the best 4 Saturdy. 
  • all the best 4 the event this weekend mate, remember  u r representing NZ so no choking allowed.. Give it all!
  • Mate give it heaps.Good luck. go hard
  • Good on you Jose - I had no idea you were into this.  Good luck with the race. Cheers
  • Good luck!
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!
  • Go Jose?
  • saw you cross the line with the family well done hawaiin ironman
  • Well done on completing the big event mate.  13.37 looks like an awfully long and exhausting day! We look forward to the full story when you return. Best wishes
  • 1466th! Nice one. Hardest 13 1/2 hrs of yr life, i bet. And u finished! Hooha. Well done.
  • Hooha!1466th - superb effort. Nice one. Hardest 13 1/2 hrs of your life, I bet.You Finished!
  • I looked at the photos on main website, it looked terribly hot! Great effort mate!
  • Well done mate! I know its probably not the time you'd hoped for but the fact is you finished when many didnt and in you debut hawaiian im no less. Take care and looking forward to a decent catch up over a couple of decent vino's

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